Sailing Ukiyo

About Us

S.V. Ukiyo


 浮世 Ukiyo [ew-key-oh] (Japanese) (n) literally “The Floating World” - Living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life.

Ukiyo is a 30' 1960 Rawson sloop hull #19.  The Rawson 30 sailboat was designed by William Garden and built by Ron Rawson in Washington State and Canada, there were 252 sloops and 36 pilot house models built between 1959 and 1985.  The Rawson 30 fiberglass sailboat is known for its strength, bluewater capabilities and many have been circumnavigating in this boat for decades. 

Rawson 30 Dimensions: LOA: 30' 6" (w/o sprit) LWL: 22'  Beam: 9.5' Displacement: 12,000 Pounds Draft: 5'  Ballast: 5,000 Pounds  


Our Mission


 I want to spend the next couple of years continuing to improve my sailing skills, downsizing and eventually live abroad, traveling the world in a sail boat, possibly a catamaran as an end goal.  While not new to boat life, the sailing life is a bit of a new experience.  I have spent most of my life on boats including smaller sunfish class sailboats and sabots, as well as several cruisers and trawlers.